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Privacy Legislation Compliance & Information Access

Our Focus Information Access and Privacy Practice Group assists individuals and Canadian and international businesses in complying with a wide array of information access and privacy laws, regulations and standards. Our team delivers comprehensive and pragmatic advice on the far-reaching issues surrounding information access and privacy laws. We advise clients on both seeking access to …

Real Estate Development and Economic Development Incentives

Development projects in both urban and smaller communities often require public incentives to lure the location of new or expanding companies. Tax increment financing, tax abatement, sales tax sharing agreements, public funding of roads and utilities, transportation development and other special taxing districts, state and federal tax credits, grants, job training funds and joint development agreements are among the funding tools that attorneys use to make development projects succeed.

Areas of Emphasis

  • State and Local Government Facilities
  • Public Infrastructure and Waste Disposal
  • Stadium and Convention Centers
  • Schools, Colleges and Education
  • Privatization of Public Projects
  • Health Care Facilities
  • 501 (c)(3) Civic and Charitable Organizations
  • Transportation Projects
  • Development and Business Relocation Incentives
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Energy
  • Industrial Development and Manufacturing
  • Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt Restructuring Lawyers

Tennessee Car Accident Leaves Several People Injured

One driving maneuver which can sometimes lead to motor vehicle accidents is passing. Drivers should always be sure to look carefully before passing another vehicle. Recently, a three-car accident occurred in Tennessee which allegedly involved passing. The car accident occurred yesterday in DeKalb County. That evening, a car was driving on a highway. A second car drove …

Changes to Tennessee workers’ compensation proposed

Workers’ compensation is an important remedy for employees who suffer injuries in the workplace. Thus, proposals which would change the laws governing workers’ compensation in Wisconsin could potentially have a major effect on workers. Because of this, lawmakers need to be careful when considering changes to workers’ compensation laws. Recently, legislation has been proposed in Tennessee which …

Report reveals 90 percent of nursing homes employ criminals

A report from the Inspector General for Health and Human Services revealed that 90 percent of American nursing homes had employees with criminal convictions. Nearly half of the 260 nursing homes covered in the report had 5 or more employees with criminal backgrounds. Government investigators obtained the figures by running background checks on all employees …